Happy Father’s Day

I have been a father now for almost 12 years.  The journey has been riddled with potholes; but Father’s Day reminds me of just how lucky I am.  My wife and I have struggled with fertility issues from the beginning.  After several attempted insemination and IVF cycles, we failed to conceive a child.  We decided to try the adoption route and were blessed with an amazing son.  Two years later a surprise second son was born. I am still shocked to this day at our luck.  Our two sons have been best buddies and a constant source of laughs, giggles, tantrums and affection.

My wife and I felt that our family was just not quite complete, and decided to try for one more.  After several more runs at artificial insemination and a failed IVF cycle, a 2nd cycle worked and our third son was born.  Looking back, we have been able to experience adoption, IVF and the old fashioned way of bringing children into our family.  Each one allowed my wife and I to grow as both individuals and as a couple.  I feel that we can endure difficult trials much better than we used to, due to our evolved perspective.

As a father, I look back on those experiences as having made me a better husband, father and man.  I learned how to better support and respect my wife as she has grown into an amazing mother.  I learned to not take my children for granted.  I cherish the time I have with my boys and look for every opportunity to be a part of their lives.  Baseball games, road trips, fishing, four wheeling, and laughing at stupid movies are the highlights of my life right now.

From a father’s perspective, what I thought mattered most, or worried me at the beginning, no longer matters.  I could care less how my boys got here, all I care about is that they are here, healthy and happy.  My best years are in front of me now, as I get to watch and participate in their development into men.  As far as I am concerned, fatherhood is the best job there is.

One Happy Father

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