It’s A BOY!

Ramsi Stoker

Ramsi Stoker

It’s a Boy!

We can’t tell you how long we’ve waited to be able to make just such an announcement. Our prayers have been answered and we are thrilled that we will be welcoming our son, whom we expect to arrive right around August 3, 2013.

This whole experience has been a whirlwind. When we think back to the day of the first Footsteps For Fertility 5k in September, we are still overwhelmed by the love and support we received from our family and friends. But we can honestly say that we never expected to win — we simply hoped for a possibility of a partial grant from the Pay It Forward Fertility organization. We saw so many deserving couples at the race… all with families and friends that loved them just as much as ours did, who had suffered along with them… all praying that that day was their lucky day. Though overjoyed at hearing our names announced as the winning couple, our hearts immediately broke for everyone else.

Soon after the race, we met with the folks at Utah Fertility Center. The amazing Dr. Deirdre Conway was going to guide us through our second attempt at IVF. We fell in love with the team at UFC and knew we were in good hands. Not wanting to waste any time, we began our cycle in October, optimistic about our new protocol. By mid-November we were ready for our embryo transfer and buoyed up by the fantastic results of our cycle to that point. It was shortly after Thanksgiving when a second announcement dropped us to our knees… We were pregnant. Right before Christmas we had our first ultrasound and heard the heartbeat. It was the sweetest sound we’d ever heard. This baby was truly our Christmas miracle.

We are so grateful to Footsteps For Fertility for bringing awareness to such a painful and lonely issue; for providing hope to couples who have invested everything — financially and emotionally — in their dreams of starting a family. We feel so blessed to be the first lucky couple to have this opportunity and to have had such an amazing result. We are grateful for the brilliant team at UFC — especially Dr. Conway — who dedicated their time and energy to us. Though this event drew some negative press from the (ignorant) national media, I will forever be humbled by the goodness of the people that we met and their compassion for those struggling with the pain of infertility.

Each day we’re one step closer to the “other side” of this long journey. Our son will be loved every second of every day and he will know how many people helped to get him here.

Eternally grateful,

Brian & Ramsi Stoker

Brian and Ramsi Stoker

Brian and Ramsi Stoker


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